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All our window tint installs come with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer to be 100% color stable, and will not bubble or delaminate. In addition, we back all our tint installs with a full satisfaction guarantee. When you choose us to tint your car you will feel the difference for the entire lifetime of your ownership.

Window tint is a beautiful addition to any vehicle. It also plays a significant role in protection. Ceramic Window Tint provides protection from harmful UV rays. UV rays can be harmful to your skin, fade and dry out your interior. A high quality Ceramic Tint like Xpel Prime or Coolvu also help to reject heat as well. This makes your driving experience more comfortable. 

If your one of the many people that can’t decided on what shade of tint to go with, then Coolvu Adaptive or Photochromic Tint is for you. Coolvu Ceramic Window Tint will transition from a darker tint in the day when the sun is bright, to a lighter tint at night. This makes it much easier to see while driving at night. It also makes it safer!



Carbon Tint

Carbon window-tinting film is dark and matte-finished, so it provides a tasteful option on windows. The carbon content of the film blocks about 40% of the infrared light (the kind that causes warmth) that enters through the windows. Carbon window-tinting film is about as effective as other varieties in blocking heat; its use will effectively cool inside space while also helping prevent fading to upholstery. Thus the air conditioning will not need to work so hard to cool the space during the summer, nor will the heating system be so heavily impacted during the winter. Unlike dyed film, carbon film will not fade with time.

Ceramic Tint

Ceramic window tint film is the highest quality of window tint film, and also the most expensive, contains neither metal, dye, nor carbon, but instead a kind of ceramic particle that is both non conductive and nonmetallic. Ceramic window-tinting film cuts from 45% to 50% of the solar heat that enters through the windows in the form of infrared light, while allowing maximum visibility day and night. It surpasses other types of tint in its resistance to glare and fading, and renders windows highly shatter-proof. Ceramic film is also most effective in its blocking of ultraviolet light from the interior; in the case of ultraviolet light (the kind of light rays that contribute to sunburn and skin cancer), ceramic window-tinting film can block up to 99% from entering the interior.

High Performance Ceramic Tint

Coolvu Transitional Ceramic Tint is the latest in automotive window tint technology. The film will actually change the level of tint shade (VLT) based on the amount of sun that is out. The brighter the sun is the darker the tint will go based on the shade limit you choose. In the evening when there is no sunlight the Coolvu Photochromic window tint will lighten up to the shade limit you choose. This makes driviing at night with limited light much safer and easier. This is the same as transition glasses. 

In addition to this great safety feature, Coolvu is treated with a german sputtered ceramic. This helps to increase heat and UV rejection. 

At Elegant Motoring we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and completing top quality paint protection. Set an appointment today and start protecting your vehicle’s paint the right way.




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