What is Feynlab and What makes their Ceramic Coating better?

Why are Feynlab Ceramic Coatings better?

Feynlab Ceramic Coatings are the next generation of paint or surface protection. Unlike any other coatings, Feynlab Ceramic Coatings can Self Heal from minor surface damage. So for everyone that likes that classic black paint but hates the visible swirls and micro marring damage caused by washing, This is the product for you. Many ceramic coating companies have claimed self-healing capabilities but most are short-lived. Usually only lasting six months or less. Feynlab’s self-healing ceramic coatings are long-lasting. They actually warranty not only the coating to last but the self-healing properties as well. These warranties depend on the package you choose, ranging from 5-7 years.

Most ceramic coatings on the market today are SiO2 based, including the leading brands. Feynlab is different. Their coatings are SiC and SiN based. This provides a stronger and more chemical resistant coating barrier. In addition to this Feynlab’s proprietary technology makes their coatings glossier & more hydrophobic.

Hydrophobic properties are what makes the surface slick. This also reduces surface tension and means less dirt and contaminants will stick to your paint’s surface. These properties are measured by water bead angle. This is the angle between the surface and the bead of water on the surface. Most ceramic coatings are around 114 degrees. Feynlab Ceramic Coatings with Feynlab’s Top Coat is able to achieve 120-degree water bead angle. In the end, this means you will need to wash your vehicle less, and it will be slicker.

Many popular brands of ceramic coatings claim that they can be layered and therefore you can increase the thickness of the product with each layer. This is statement is misleading. In most cases, Si02 based coatings can only be layered about 4 times before you are simply applying the product and wiping it off. They will refer to this as the law of diminishing returns. Since each layer of Si02 based products is about 1 micron thick, that means in the best case scenario you can achieve and a thickness of 4-5 microns.

Feynlab is focused not only on making ceramic coatings that are strong and slick, but they are also focused on film build. This is the thickness of the ceramic coating layer. Feynlab ceramic coatings can reach 10-15 microns thick. 10-15 microns thick is 2-3 times thicker than most competitors on the market.

So lets recap, Feynlab ceramic coatings are Slicker, Stronger, Thicker and can self heal from minor micro marring & swirls. In our opinion, it is the most well rounded ceramic coating on the market. This comes at a cost. It is slightly more than most Si02 based ceramic coatings our there. Take a look below and check out the Feynlab Package Pricing and compare.

Feynlab Package Pricing

Feynlab Ceramic Lite

Starting @ $600

Ceramic Lite is the most economical in the Feynlab ceramic coating family. Even though Ceramic Lite is the economical it does pack a punch. It outperforms competitors at the same price point. If you’re wondering if this is better than wax, it is. At a similar price to a polish and wax, you can have a ceramic coating with a one year warranty. In addition, you will get better gloss, slickness and durability.

Feynlab Ceramic Version 3

Starting @ $800

Version 3 of Feynlab Ceramic, also know as Feynlab CV3, is the latest in the mid range offerings. This a high solids nano ceramic coating with brilliant gloss & durability at the price point. This ceramic coating package achieves a 3 micron thickness film build as well.


  • Extreme High Gloss
  • High Degree Water Bead Angel
  • UV Resistance
  • Chemical Resistance
  • 3 year Warranty

Feynlab Ultra V2

Starting @ $1200 + $250 Optional Top Coat

Feynlab Ultra V2 is the perfect combination of value, self healing and ultra durable ceramic technology. Feynlab Ultra V2 maintains the thickness and protection of Ceramic, while incorporating 40% of the self healing benefits of Heal Light.


  • One Day Turn Around
  • Self Healing * 40% of Heal Lite
  • Extreme High Gloss
  • 120 Degree Water Bead Angel
  • UV Resistance
  • Chemical Resistance
  • 5 year Warranty

Feynlab Heal Lite V2

Starting @ $1500 + $250 Optional Top Coat

An ultra durable ceramic nano coating with excellent UV protection, extreme hydrophobic properties and HIGH gloss. Contains 60% of the healing capabilities of FEYNLAB® HEAL PLUS.


  • One Day Turn Around
  • Self Healing * 60% of Heal Plus
  • Extreme High Gloss
  • 120 Degree Water Bead Angel
  • UV Resistance
  • Chemical Resistance
  • 5 year Warranty

Feynlab Heal Plus

2018-01-01$2400 * Includes Top Coat

Heal Plus is Feynlab’s flagship ceramic coating. It has the thickest film build in the family, at 10-15 microns. It also has the most self healing capabilities in the industry. This means with Heal Plus applied dark colored cars will maintain their depth of color and brilliant gloss appearance. This is due to the impressive, industry leading self healing properties.

Heal Plus nano ceramic coating is the thickest and most advanced nano ceramic coating available in automotive paint protection.


  • Two Day Turnaround
  • Industry leading Self Healing Ceramic Coating Technology
  • Extreme Thickness/ Film Build
  • Ridiculously High Gloss
  • Superior Hydrophobic Properties at 120 Degree Water Bead Angel
  • Outstanding UV Resistance
  • Excellent Chemical Resistance
  • 7 year Warranty

Feynlab Optional Add-Ons

Wheels Off Ceramic Coating

Starting @ $450

We lift the car, remove your wheels and decontaminate the back and front side of the rims. All brake calipers are detailed and lightly polished, if painted. Exhaust tips are also detailed. Once the wheels, brakes and exhaust tips have been cleaned, we prep them and apply Feynlab Wheel & Caliper Ceramic Coating to them. This helps to keep them clean and beautiful for years to come.

Feynlab Glass Coating on all Windows

 Starting @ $399

All windows are polished and prepped using a Cerium Oxide glass polishing compound. This primes the surface to allow Feynlab’s Glass Coating to bond properly. This bond, along with the durability of the glass coating allows us to offer a 2 year warranty. When applied with our wiper coating, we will extend your warranty to a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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