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What is a Ceramic Coating& how can it benefit me?

Ceramic Coatings have been around for 25 years so they aren’t new, although over the last 5-7 years have become more mainstream. We were the first Certified Ceramic Pro Center in Canada and have been installing coatings for 9 years in Toronto and GTA. The owner also co-founded Ceramic Pro Canada and has tested many experimental ceramic coatings.

We’ve all had a vehicle waxed. It gives you that new car feel. It looks incredible as well. After a wax we always have great intentions of maintaining it. The problem is wax doesn’t last more than a couple car washes. It also doesn’t matter if it is natural or synthetic. 

Ceramic coatings are in a completely different league. You really can’t compare the two. Ceramic coatings are glossier than any wax. A true ceramic coating makes the paint harder. They can also have self-healing properties as you find in the top three Feynlab Packages. A high quality ceramic coating also reduces surface tension. This makes the paint slicker and more hydrophobic. All of these features protect against environmental damage from tree sap, bug guts and bird droppings. 

There are many different brands of ceramic coatings on the market today. Every new and used car dealer, as well as car detailing shops will recommend a different one to provide your new car paint protection. Trust certified installers who have a proven track record and are seen as experts in the industry. These professional installers are backed by the manufacturers and can guarantee a high quality installation. In the end, a high quality ceramic coating will provide you long-term paint protection for your new car or truck.

Key Benefits of Ceramic Coatings

Permanent Wax Replacement

Ceramic coatings are glossier than wax and they are permanent! The issue with wax is it’s never been a long term solution or even short term. After you get a ceramic coating on your car there is no need to have it waxed several times a year. 

UV Protection

UV protection in a high quality ceramic coating will protect the vehicle paint from harsh environmental conditions. These conditions can cause surface corrosion and oxidation. This leaves a milkiness on the surface of your clear coat. If you’re only keeping your car for a short term you may not consider this to be a concern. However, the paint will dull and it won’t have the same depth of gloss. This happens slowly over time and isn’t noticeable until you compare a car that has a ceramic coating.

Self-Cleaning Effects

A ceramic coating creates a super slick surface that reduces the surface tension. This reduced surface tension helps to prevent dirt and debris from sticking to it. In addition and contaminants that do stick to the surface can be removed easier. Since the coating is also hydrophobic water will run off it very fast with the help of wind velocity. When you drive in the rain the increased wind speed will push water beads along the exterior of your car, removing dirt along the way. This is commonly referred to as the self cleaning or auto cleaning effect of a ceramic coating.

Self Healing Capabilities (Feynlab Only)

Vehicles with darker color paint are bad for showing swirl marks and small scratches. This type of damage is caused by simply washing your car. Feynlab is changing the industry with their self healing polymer ceramic coatings. When the surface temperature of your paint reaches 60 degrees Fahrenheit the swirls and micro marring disappear! It actually looks like your cars paint is healing.

Surface Slickness

This feature is what gives ceramics a lot of the benefits we’ve been talking about. The increased gloss, self cleaning, easier maintenance, less washing and higher clarity. Really what we’re looking for is a product with the highest water bead angle also referred to as contact angle. This will give you the highest performing coating in the previously mentioned areas. Feynlab top-coat currently has the highest water-bead angle of 120 degrees.

Protection from Etching and Stains

Ceramic coatings increase resistance and provide a layer of protection against environmental hazards. The most common environmental hazards are things like bug guts, bird droppings and tree sap. These hazards can permanently damage your vehicle’s paint and other surfaces. They can also be very acidic and eat or burn into the clear coat. Once this happens the damage will become very visible. Often it can take hours of paint correction and wet-sanding to fix it. In many cases, it can be beyond repair.

Ease of Maintenance

The surface slickness from the ceramic coating makes washing your vehicle effortless. It becomes super easy to clean the surface of common dirt that may be on the vehicle. Tree sap, bug guts, bird droppings and even tar are easily removed during a regular car wash.

Less Washing

The slickness of the surface does not allow dirt to stick as easily to the vehicle. Dirt, debris and other contaminants are not able to stick to the surface like they can on regular factory paint. This is because of the low surface tension and the added hydrophobic properties.

Safe for Touchless Car Washes 

Touchless car washes do not have the benefit of using agitation to clean your vehicle. They must use harsh chemicals high-pressure water. This is a concern when using traditional wax. The harsh high PH chemicals will remove the wax after a single wash. These chemicals can not strip a ceramic coating and your paint will stay protected. It is still highly recommended to have your vehicle hand-washed, using a two bucket method periodically though.

Increased Visibility While Driving

Glass coatings dramatically increase visibility during bad weather. It works when water forms a bead. It then increases in size and is pushed across the glass by wind velocity. The other benefit is that your windshield wiper blades will last longer. This is because the glass coating reduces the amount of friction.

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