You care about keeping your car in perfect running condition, so maintain its perfect colour and shine as well with Elegant Motoring’s one-time paint protection film service.

You may have noticed some chips on your new car just after getting it home from the dealership. Or you might notice that the paint itself appears to have worn down after frequent washes and exposure to sunlight and the elements. You’re not imagining it. Today’s vehicle finishes are made with environmentally-friendly water-based paints that chip more easily and are more prone to scratching.

Paint Protection Film, also referred to as a “Clear Bra,” is one of the best ways to protect your prized vehicle from the hazards of the environment. A quality paint protection film will deflect stones and debris, eliminating rock chips on your vehicle.

Having the best film installed means your car will continue to look like new and maintain its value over time. By having this premium film installed by a certified professional, will prevent it from: peeling back, adhesive failure & overstretching. This is where our team at Elegant Motoring & Auto Spa comes in.

Our installs are invisible because we remove all headlights, badges and trim to ensure there are as few seams as possible.

Why does Elegant Motoring take this extra step for our clients? Seams collect dust, grime and polishing compounds which, over time, will create a line of dirt across your vehicle which not only looks bad, but calls attention to the fact there is clear bra on your vehicle, which defeats the purpose of being invisible.

Your car deserves the very best. Bring it to Elegant Motoring and let our professional paint protection film installers work our magic and protect your car for years to come.


Package 1 – Basic Protection

  • 18” Coverage Hood (wrapped edges)
  • Fenders

Package 2 – Standard Protection

  • 18” Coverage Hood (wrapped edges)
  • Fenders
  • Complete Front Bumper
  • Mirrors, Lights & Trunk Sill

Package 3 – Premium Protection

  • Complete Hood (wrapped edges)
  • Complete Fenders (wrapped edges)
  • Complete Front
  • Mirrors, Lights & Trunk Sill

At Elegant Motoring we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and completing top quality paint protection. Set an appointment today and start protecting your vehicle’s paint the right way.




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