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Full Interior Detailing

We recommend having a full interior detail service performed annually following the winter season. It is also recommended to have one done after purchasing a used vehicle, to set a baseline. All interior surfaces are cleaned with specially designed professional tools to achieve a level of clean beyond your expectations. We use a Tornador Gun and enzyme cleaner to clean deep in your vents, as well as all cracks and crevices, without damaging any of the surfaces.

Our Malco 1200 Xtractor steam cleaner was designed specifically for the automotive industry. This unit heats the clean solution to 190 degrees and sprays it at 100PSI. The pressure makes sure the solution gets deep in the fabric. The heat, combined with the cleaning solution, kills all microorganisms, and breaks down stains and contaminants. The dual vacuum pumps provide 150″ of water lift, removing all of the soiling and cleaning solution, leaving only a damp surface that dries in a few hours.

There is only one service to add to this, which is a front seat removal. This is an add-on service for the person who wants an extreme clean.

A Full Interior Detail includes:

  • High pressure air to blow out debris from under the seats
  • Initial vacuum to remove most of the debris and loose dirt from the seats, door panels and carpets
  • All rubber liners, cup holders, etc are removed and soaked in cleaning solution
  • Tornador Gun is used to deep clean and detail all surfaces (dash, doors, center console, seat tracks, vents, rear deck, etc), leaving a dry, sterile surface
  • Tornador Vacuum nozzle and vacuum is used to agitate carpet and upholstery fibre to bring ground in debris to the surface to be sucked up by the vacuum
  • All carpets are steam cleaned using the Malco 1200 Xtractor
  • All windows, vanity mirrors and rear view mirror are cleaned

This is all topped off by adding an air freshener scent of your choice.The best way to keep your vehicle looking good, is to have a maintenance detail performed on a regular basis. We recommend a weekly or bi-weekly schedule, depending on the number of passengers usually in the vehicle, and the amount of time it is driven.

  • Compact/ mid sized cars $140
  • Full size sedans & Mid sized SUVs $190
  • Full size SUVs/ Pick ups/ Mini Vans $220

Optional Extras:

  • Pet Hair Removal
  • Leather Scrub & Conditioner
  • Seat Steam Cleaning
  • Odor Removal