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About Us

About Us

Elegant Motoring & Auto Spa is a business born out of sincere passion. Founder David Tait has been a dedicated auto enthusiast since the age of 15, when he first began serious study of auto mechanics. Over the last 25+ years, he gained deep expertise in virtually all aspects of auto care and personalization.

Having been on the consumer side of the fence as an exacting DIY guy, and sometimes paying dearly to have time-consuming work done for him, he was frustrated by the industry’s general lack of professionalism. David finally decided to leave a successful 10-year career in the high-tech industry to create a new niche, offering a new level of service to the auto customization industry. He was determined to put the customer first. He was going to set the right expectations for project timelines and stay on them. He would explain the honest costs and the satisfying long-term benefits of doing a project the right way, based on extensive personal experience.

Most shops pushed generic services or products on the client without understanding what you truly wanted to accomplish. They would grab the easy money, keep you in the dark, and send you on your way. David took a different, customer-oriented approach. He engages his clients, looking to get a feel for their sense of style, budget, functional needs, priorities and end goals. Taking the time to understand his client would allow him to custom-tailor options they may not ever have known existed. His goal is to help his clients build and maintain a vehicle that is reliable, with personal touches that flow together in design and, most of all, had an OEM finish.

After starting out strictly as a custom shop, today David’s original venture has grown into a full-service shop. Elegant Motoring & Auto Spa offers bespoke personalization services, as well as a full range of vehicle detailing & personal automotive management services.

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