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There are only a few things that are more annoying than getting a tar stain, tree sap or a road paint stain on your car. There is literally nothing more irritating than having tar splash on your car at a construction site and it gets all hot and gooey on sunny days. These stains are lighter than your car paint but it will require a strategy to get them out without harming your car paint in any way. It is important that you keep in mind that there are everyday household and commercial products that can be very helpful in the removal of tar, scuffs, tree sap, road paint and other stubborn stains on your car. Some of these stains can be removed in a similar manner, so if one can use the same equipment, same products and same technique to clean and remove the stains the better for them. Elegant Motoring is here to help you learn more about protecting your car and keeping it looking like you just drove it off the lot.

Removing tar

Among the above mentioned stains, tar is actually the easiest to remove and it can be removed in several steps but you will require several items to make the whole procedure successful. The requirements can either be commercial tar remover, goo gone peanut butter or WD 40 which shouldn’t be used on windshields and windows.

• The first step towards getting rid of tar stains is to apply either of the products on to the tar to smother the tar in order to loosen it.
• Wipe away the tar using a soft cloth and do not hesitate to add the product till the car is totally tar-free.
• Lastly wash your car in order to get rid of the product you used and your car will be ready to hit the street again tar-free.

Removing tree sap

It’s important to clean sap off your car every week if your car picks up sap a lot, because sap tends to pile up into a thick layer if it is not cleaned as regularly as it should be.

• When you are removing sap, the very first thing you do is, soak a cloth into some alcohol and place on the sap for 10 minutes, to allow the alcohol to break down or dissolve the sap.
• Rub off the softened sap and if the stain persists, soak for another ten minutes, using alcohol or WD-40, until the sap goes away.
• Finally it is important to wash your car, in order to remove any residue that have been left

Removing Scuffs

These are the unavoidable stains caused by brushing against objects, relatively easy to remove.

• The basic first step is to wash your car to remove the scuffs.
• If the scuffs are still there, use an adhesive remover to get rid of the tough and persistent scuffs.
• Wash the car again to check whether the scuffs are gone.
• Feel free to wax your car to give it a shine and give it a better appearance.

Removing Road Paint

When removing road paint from your car, you will require several items to help you out in the procedure, these items include; A rubbing compound, hair drier, latex paint remover, plastic razor blade, hot water, sponge and soft scrub cleaner.

• Use a hair dryer to heat up the paint, causing it to melt and then wipe it off.
• If the paint persists try using a rubbing compound to remove it.
• Lastly, you can also use a plastic razor blade to remove the road paint. The plastic razor blade ensures that the car paint is not tampered with.
• Wash your car to give it a better look.

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