MAYBACH 57S “STORM TROOPER” - Elegant Motoring & Auto Spa - Ceramic Pro Toronto


One of our clients approached us about a new Maybach he had recently purchased, requesting we tint the tail lights as we had done in the past to a few of his other vehicles. We talked about the vehicle, and the options and the color choice he ordered it with. In this conversation we suggested a hot new look that his Maybach would be ideal for: we could create a striking “Storm Trooper” effect. He was excited to go for it.

It was decided to vinyl wrap the chrome on the Maybach and tint the tail lights. The Maybach badging on the rear of the car and on the front grille would be left chrome since it’s a signature piece.

The 3M gloss black vinyl wrap played off very well against the metallic black factory accent down the side of the Maybach. The vinyl was used to cover the chrome that ran the length of the Maybach on the top and bottom of the factory black metallic paint. We also wrapped chrome around the windows, tops of the door handles, rear trunk trim and at the bottom of the tail lights.

To tint the tail lights, we first removed them by removing the interior trunk panels. Then we wet-sanded the lenses and taped the housings up for paint. We used PPG automotive clear with a black tint. The number of layers we spray determines how dark the tint would ultimately be. The lenses look dark, but the LED lights really shine through well so it is still safe. Ultimately this last detail was the piece de resistance because of how well the tinted tail lights flowed with the client’s color choices.