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The outside appearance of your car matters a great deal, and whether you have an old Volvo or a brand new Porsche there is always good way of making your car look good as new, it all depends on how far you’re willing to go to make it happen. If you live in Toronto and its surrounding area, it’s time to stop worrying about the paint of your car rubbing off after every wash or chipping after being on the highway too often. There are simple solutions to this and you only have to pick one. Car wax or car coating. If you are wondering if any of these options is even remotely necessary, the answer is yes. They are very necessary if you want to keep your car looking pristine.

Car wax, just as the word suggests, is a layer of wax that is rubbed to the exterior of a car then wiped off after being allowed to dry in order to provide a protective layer for the car’s paint. In other words wax acts as the sacrificial layer that protects your car’s actual paint and therefore providing protection for your car. Car coating sounds a lot similar to car wax, in which case it is a little similar except with coating there is more guarantees.

Car wax is more easily available as compared to car coating and is actually relatively inexpensive. Car wax also provides warm luster to your car that is nice and deep enough to protect your car paint and if you are an auto enthusiast you need not be told that car wax will not only gladly extend the life of your car but give it that high gloss and deep reflection you need to make your car the envy of the entire neighborhood. Car coating on the other hand is actually easy to apply and takes less time to apply as compared to car wax. Car coating also contains a hard glass layer that comes in handy when protecting the paint surface of your car from both chemical and physical impacts. Car coating also provide longer durability considering that it penetrates all the way to the paint layer of the car and needless to say it also gives your car that deep gloss.

Seeing as there is always a flip side to everything, car wax can be degraded by heat and also has relatively short duration to the mentioned effects. Car wax also collects dust and the wax can collect in uneven areas. The flip side to car coating is that it is relatively expensive and cost a little more than car waxing. Ultimately, the major difference between car wax and car coating lies in its durability as the car waxing effects could last for about a month while the car coating could go for about three months. Both car wax and car coating are great and necessary and what better way to get your car nicely maintained than to check with car detailing Toronto not just for good car maintenance but also for their friendly service and great prices.