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Wheel Repair

Detailing – Wheel Repair

Your wheels (rims) are typically one of the first things people will notice when they see your car. If they take a closer inspection, your wheels will give away what kind of driver you are, and unsightly blemishes can ruin your car’s entire appearance–even if they’re personalized, color-matched aftermarket exclusives.

Elegant Motoring offers an effective solution guaranteed to make your wheels look better than new in no time. Our alloy wheel repair service can help remove scuffs, blemishes, scratches and curb rash, leaving your wheels in mint condition and return your car to the stunning curb appeal you fell in love with in the first place.

Replacing your alloy wheels can cost thousands, and if your vehicle is a rare or exclusive model, you could be waiting weeks for the dealership to get your wheels in stock. Don’t waste your time and resources on an overkill strategy, let the experienced professionals at Elegant Motoring repair them instead–we can save you time and money with an appropriately brilliant solution.