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Maintenance Detailing

Car Maintenance Detailing

The best way to keep your vehicle looking good, is to have a maintenance detail performed on a regular basis. We recommend a weekly or bi-weekly schedule, depending on the number of passengers usually in the vehicle, and the amount of time it is driven.

Our Maintenance Detail service includes:

  • A thorough exterior wash. *All water used goes through a two-step conditioning prior to use. Initially the water is run through a sediment filter to remove particulates that can cause micro abrasions and damage the paint. Following this initial step the water goes through a water softener to prevent hard water marks from any potential residue left following the drying process. We also use the two bucket method to further prevent micro abrasions caused during the washing process.
  • Wheel bath using SONAX wheel cleaner to remove brake dust (includes what’s reachable behind spokes).
  • Tire dressing application
  • Pressure wash wheel wells & under rockers to remove caked in dirt
  • Blow out all seats, door pockets, dash and channels using compressed air to remove debris from hard to reach places.
  • Thoroughly vacuum all carpeted areas including the trunk
  • Clean all windows, vanity and rear view mirrors
  • Wipe dash, door panels and center console to remove dust and minor debris

*We use premium SONAX products for all of our services

  • Compact/ mid-sized cars $60
  • Full size sedans & Mid-sized SUVs $80
  • Full size SUVs/ Pickup Trucks/ Mini Vans $120